Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

ROMs for X8 Part 2

Bagian kedua Custom ROM untuk X8. Beberapa dari Custom ROM dibawah ini dikembangkan oleh Dev Indonesia.

1. S-ROM
Base : GingerDX
Main Features : Smooth at Gaming, and all of GingerDX features
Bugs : None?
Kernel : Stock Kernel and Alfs Kernel (already tested)
Install : Flash custom zip in CWM (already tested)
More about S-ROM
Latest version 007, but I prefered v005

2. X-Gin
For more about X-Gin

3. kuyaDROID
For more about kuyaDROID

4. Stornmix
Base : I don't know much
Main Features : MIUI-like, some MIUI Apps, and fast
Bugs : Laggy?

-If you feel kinda laggy, go to Stornmixs CyanogenMod setting/Performance/cheklist Lock home in memory

Kernel : I guess it's just stock kernel
Install : via xRec
More about Stornmix
Latest version 2.3.0

5. Gingercruzt
Base : I don't know much
Main Features : Bravia Engine fully working
Bug : ?
Kernel : There are some version that only worked with certain kernel
Install : CWM
More about GingerCruzt
Latest version 8.5

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