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Boost Performance for Your X8

Want to get the best performance from your X8? Want to be fast like SGS II? STOP DREAMING! That's not gonna happen (Peace :p). But if you want tweaks how to increase your X8 performance, then I'll give it to you. Here are some combos from S97ramscript, Optimizer, lib Performance, and supported ROM. I don't want write all down (like S97ramscrip and Optimizer. I already posted it) because it's tiring hehehe. So here it is, the guide for fully performance.

Try using S97ramscript

Tutor : Download S97ramscript from here. First you must have Root Explorer installed on your X8. Just copy the S97ramscript from SDCard to system/etc/init.d and then paste it. Set permission to 777 (checked all) and then reboot. Works with Custom Kernel and Custom ROMs, and Stock Kernel and Stock ROM.


To get the best optimization of RAM.
Tutor : Download the file here. Reboot to CWM (CWM not xRecovery). Flash the optimizer and then wipe cache (not Dalvik Cache). Flash again the Hotfix and wipe cache again (again, not Dalvik Cache). Reboot. Works with Custom Kernel and Custom ROMs, and Stock Kernel and Stock ROM.

Cyanogenmod 7 Performance Settings

If you're using CM7, go to Cyanogenmod settings > Performance. Check 'Enable surface dithering', 'Use 16bit transparency', and 'Allow purging of assets. Set VM heap size to 48m. Nothing else.

Use Custom Kernel and Supported Custom ROMs (CM)

It's kinda risky for using Custom Kernel for those who haven't Unlocked their Bootloader. If you get the wrong step, your X8 will 'bye-bye' and the only thing to resurrect it from the death is by take it to SESC. For Custom ROMs, try to find a fast and simple looking ROMs. Beware, some of Custom ROMs need Custom Kernel. For me, I'm using S-ROM v005 + Alfs v7-ICS.

Overclock (OC)

It's not that dangerous to use OC. Tutor : go to Cyanogenmod settings > Performance > CPU settings. Use SMARTASS or SMARTASSV2 (if you're using Custom Kernel) on 'Available governors'. Max CPU : 748. Min CPU : 245 or 480. Then check 'Set on boot'.


Someone said it'll help to boost performance. If you want to Rendering, go to Cyanogenmod settings > Interface > Render effect. Choose 'Calibrated (N1) Cool'.

And here is the score after you're done all that. 

Quite impressive huh? Except for the 2D. If you want more guide for your lovely X8 don't hesitate to ask me . Oh yeah, about the 3D, I will tell you sometime. Hehehe.

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